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Our Philosophy

Shooting StarOver our three-decade history, we at Northstar have witnessed the progression from stock kiosks in Grand Central to countless, constantly updated financial news websites; from the data degenerates of the early 80’s to data-overloaded commuters; from a trickle of financial information to the constant barrage and editorializing without end that we endure today.

With so many facts and figures being thrown at us, it’s easy to look at investing as nothing more than a series of finely tuned calculations, when in fact the guiding principles behind a sustainable financial path are about the same as they’ve always been. Financial stability, the tranquility we and our clients pursue, is determined by habits, both productive and harmful. Anyone who claims to know the secret to investing, or to have figured out a simple, twelve-step process, is either a liar, delusional, or both.

Our goal at Northstar is not to beat the market, but to provide our clients with the financial dignity to live the lives they want to live. Doing that involves more than just investing: It involves planning, guidance, and the knowledge that we’re here with you. We know that money is a means to an end, and we consider the most important end goal to be financial confidence for you and your loved ones. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you get there.